Revealed: UK’s most famous lawyer

Barristers have beaten solicitors in the war for column inches, as Tony Blair’s wife Cherie Booth QC and Heather Mills’ divorce solicitor Anthony Julius battled for the title of the UK’s most famous lawyer.

Booth managed 347 press mentions this year, making her the highest-profile lawyer in the country for the third year running.

Mishcon de Reya partner Julius managed 195 mentions for his work for Heather Mills on her divorce from Paul McCartney, placing him at the top of the solicitor’s list. His opposite number, Payne Hicks Beach partner Fiona Shackleton, managed 179.

But by far the most cited legal figure was Justice Minister Jack Straw, with more than 4,600 mentions in the press.

The Sweet & Maxwell survey is one of the few ranking systems that puts Clifford Chance at the bottom. Managing partner David Childs was the 20th most cited solicitor in the press.

 Most frequently cited solicitors in UK papers, July 2006 – June 2007 (number of mentions).

Anthony Julius, Heather Mills’ divorce lawyer (195), consultant, Mishcon de Reya.
Fiona Shackleton, Paul McCartney’s divorce lawyer (179), partner, Payne Hicks Beach.
Nick Freeman, “Mr Loophole” specialising in driving offences (173), sole practitioner, Freeman & Co.
Mark Spragg, representing the Natwest Three (85), partner, Jeffrey Green Russell.
Mark Stephens, media and human rights specialist (73), partner, Finers Stephens Innocent.
Louise Christian, representing Marina Litvinenko (73), consultant, Christian Khan Solicitors.
Martyn Day, represented Iraqi families, suing the MoD (69), partner, Leigh Day & Co.
Phil Shiner, representing Iraqi family, suing the MoD (67), sole practitioner, public interest lawyers.
Imran Khan, representing Stephen Lawrence’s family (55), partner, Imran Khan & Partners.
Raymond Tooth, reportedly acted as Irina Abramovich’s divorce lawyer (46), senior partner, Sears Tooth.

Most frequently cited barristers

Cherie Booth QC, human rights (347), Matrix Chambers.
Michael Mansfield QC, representing Mohamed Al Fayed (175), 14 Tooks Court.
Nigel Sweeney QC, prosecuting July 21 bombers (151), King’s Bench Walk.
David Pannick QC, representing Sheffield United (147), Blackstone Chambers.
Helena Kennedy QC, critic of the War on Terror (105), Doughty Street Chambers.
Lord Lester QC, has called for forced marriage to be made illegal (90), Herne Hill QC.
Julian Bevan QC, acted for the prosecution of soldiers accused of Iraqi war crimes (77), Cloth Fair Chambers.
Richard Horwell QC, acted for the prosecution of the murderers of lawyer Tom ap Rhys Pryce (75), Cloth Fair Chambers.
Edward Fitzgerald QC, defended terror suspects against extradition to the US (70), Doughty Street Chambers.
John Nutting QC, prosecuting in £53m Securitas robbery (68), 3 Raymond Buildings.

Most frequently cited members of the judiciary and Government

Jack Straw, incoming Lord Chancellor and Justice Minister (4616)
Lord Goldsmith, outgoing attorney general (1839)
Lord Falconer, outgoing Lord Chancellor (1695)
Lord Phillips of Worth Maltravers, Lord Chief Justice (600)
Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, deputy coroner of the Queen’s household who recently stepped down from the Diana Inquiry (573)
Mike O’Brien QC, outgoing solicitor general (307)
Baroness Scotland, incoming attorney general (299)
Lord Hardie, senior Scottish judge (249)
Justice Eady, senior libel judge (234)
Sir Hayden Phillips, chairman of the review of the funding of political parties (224)