Revealed: Slaughters' new best friend in Oz

The firm has been reviewing its status in Singapore since earlier in the year because resident partner Simon Hall is due to return to the UK at the end of this month. It took the opportunity to re-examine the office and consider its future.
Corporate and commercial partner Andrew Johnson is now moving out to Singapore to take over from Hall.
Slaughters has decided that Sydney firm Allens Arthur will be its new best friend for work across the region. Like its best friend relationships in Europe, the firm will deal closely but not exclusively with Allens Arthur and will take part in joint pitches for work.
The two firms worked together last year when head of corporate Nigel Boardman provided English law advice to Allens Arthur, advising BHP on its merger with Billiton.
Since then, there have been various joint pitches across South East Asia, and the firms are currently working together on an undisclosed deal in Thailand.
Corporate partner David Frank said: “We've done work with Allens Arthur in the South East Asia region, which has led us to decide that we can take things further. It's something that just evolved – both firms concluded that it would be a good thing to do.”
Allens Arthur has seven offices across the Asia Pacific region and five in Australia.