Rethinking the Islands’ top firms

I refer to the article contained in The Lawyer on 6 December 1999, entitled “Channel Island firms offer one-stop shop”.

There is reference to “Jersey’s four dominant firms”. Although not specifically stated, it is clear from the article that this is a reference to Mourant du Feu & Jeune, Ogier & Masurier, Bedell & Cristin and Olsen Backhurst & Dorey. There is no mention of Bailhache Labesse.

We at Bailhache Labesse consider ourselves to be among the Island’s four leading law firms. Without any information concerning the respective firms’ turnover and client lists, judging which firms are dominant in the island can be a matter of subjective perception based on no hard evidence. One objective test would be the number of locally qualified lawyers in the respective firms. With 17 locally qualified lawyers we are the third largest firm in the Island behind Mourant du Feu & Jeune and Ogier & Le Masurier. On this test alone I believe we are entitled to be included among the Island’s leading firms.

Mark Lewis, partner, Bailhache Labesse