• Monitor the impact on the London market of the investment made by US firms.
  • Investigate which practice areas firms are targeting for 2020/21.
  • Discover the underlying market dynamics that will shape the London legal market in 2020/21.

The Lawyer US Top 50 is unique as the only ranking of UK and London financial performance of US firms in the world. The full Top 50 ranking, with its unrivalled level of under-the-skin detail and insight, is an indispensable tool for understanding the dynamics of one of the UK’s more vibrant markets. 

[Video] Paul Hastings’ Arun Birla:

The report includes trend data gathered over the last five years on lateral hires, highlighting the practices areas in higher demand.

Also exclusively, this year’s US Top 50 includes video interviews with some of the market’s leading managing partners, discussing the impact of Covid-19 on their firms in the City.

The report includes the collection of five years worth of promotions data, showing where US firms have been investing, and which areas they are looking to target for 2020.

As always, the primary focus of the report is on each firm’s financial performance in its most recent full financial year along with the contributing factors to that performance, including major deals, disputes, strategic developments and lateral hires. The result is the most accurate analysis of the progress of US firms in the UK available anywhere.