• Reveal how firms identify and integrate the market’s top talent.
  • Uncover the impact the investment firms have made in recent years.
  • Investigate which areas firms are looking to target for 2019.
  • Discover the trends that are the most important now, and those that will become increasingly so over the next few years.


This years’ US Top 50 annual report focuses on growth and how the leading US-headquartered firms in the UK market aim to achieve it. Certainly, so far several are managing this pretty well.

Last year, as part of the UK 200 report, The Lawyer produced the first-ever ranking of the largest US and UK firms by revenue in London. It was a revelatory – even astonishing – moment. This year’s US Top 50 builds on this ground-breaking research, updating it ahead of the publication of the domestic firms’ financial results later this year, revealing how the leading US firms are growing their presence both in London and in the wider UK market.

As always, the primary focus of the report is on each firm’s financial performance in its most recent full financial year along with the contributing factors to that performance, including major deals, disputes, strategic developments and lateral hires. The result is the most accurate analysis of the progress of US firms in the UK available anywhere.

Indeed, The Lawyer US Top 50 is unique as the only ranking of UK and London financial performance of US firms in the world. The full Top 50 ranking, with its unrivalled level of under-the-skin detail and insight, is an indispensable tool for understanding the dynamics of one of the UK’s more vibrant markets. 

A taste of this reports insight: