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The UK 200: The Top 100 includes an extensive range of financial and headcount metrics, all of which are directly attributable to the UK’s 100 largest firms. It forms part of the UK 200 series, the only report on all 200 of the 200 largest firms ranked by revenue in the UK.

This year, for the first time, the report will focus on the perceived threats to the UK 200 firms by looking at two areas that are squeezing this group – firstly, the increasing influence of the top 50 US firms in London through lateral hire activity and their growing involvement in large UK deals, and secondly, shining a light on the emergence of alternative legal service models that are taking revenue away from the UK 200.

This report, the industry’s largest and most detailed, helps firms identify the market trends and places a spotlight on the new competition the UK law firms are now facing.

Essential reading for every firm operating in this space and those making moves into this market, the UK 200: The Top 100 includes essential statistics, detailed insight, focused analysis and valuable foresight to help firms strengthen their foothold into 2019 and beyond.