The UK 200: The Independents is the only report focusing entirely on the UK’s national, regional and boutique law firms ranked 101-200 in the UK 200.

This year’s report:

  1. highlights consolidation and growth trends in this fast-moving and nimble market
  2. examines the fortunes of firms in the UK regions
  3. focuses on the challenges and changes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and assesses how this will impact the Independents in coming years


The UK 200: The Independents showcases the most successful of the UK’s national and regional firms, those ranked 101-200 by revenue. The report highlights key metrics including revenue growth, headcount and diversity.  

It identifies the top performers and the key trends in the market in 2019/20. An attitudinal survey shows what concerns the Independents have about the next 12 months and what their views are on alternative business lines. 

The report highlights the impact of Covid-19 on the Independents, examining what effect the pandemic had on revenues last year as well as how it is changing working practices for these firms.  

The Independents report also analyses variances in performance in the UK’s different regions, identifying which have been growing most strongly. 

Each of the 100 firms is profiled, with information on areas such as financial management, business mix and strategic changes.