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The UK 200: Operational Health Check report is The Lawyer’s annual assessment of the best run law firms in the UK. The analysis is based on a number of key indicators and metrics that are collected from firms as part of the UK 200 research process. They include: headcount ratios; property costs; debt; and lock-up.


The exclusive one-year and historical data, coupled with The Lawyer’s analysis, highlights both the pressures firms are under to deliver legal services as efficiently as possible in a period of intense competition as well as the operational measures several are taking to help them achieve this goal (not least via the innovative deployment of new technology).

The UK 200: Operational Health Check report forms a key part of the UK 200 series which each year reveals and analyses the financial results of the UK’s largest law firms by revenue. Other reports include the UK 200: The Top 100 and the UK 200: The Independents.