What you’ll receive:

UK 200 Top 100 report; the most detailed statistical analysis of the UK’s largest firms available.


UK 200 The Independents report; the only analysis of the second hundred largest firms ranked by revenue in the UK market.


Five years’ of data from the UK 200 Top 100 and Independents reports for you to manipulate and analyse.

The benefits to your firm:

  1. Identify market trends and placing a spotlight on the new international competition faced by UK law firms.
  2. Understand how alternative legal models are taking revenue away from these firms.
  3. Equip your firms with the tools to further your success.
  4. Pinpoint firms that may be takeover targets by larger rivals.
  5. Win the war for talent and compete with the biggest international giants.
  6. Capitalise on emerging trends and learn from 2018’s market-redefining events.
  7. Five years of data to manipulate, analyse and implement into your strategy.

Publication dates:

  • UK 200: Top 100 2019 = 16th September 2019
  • UK 200: The Independents 2019 = 7th October 2019
  • 5 year’s of data = 14th October 2019