A comprehensive report of in-house legal professionals, providing unparalleled insight into the world of the in-house lawyer during these unprecedented times.



The survey will be conducted biannually, which, over time, will allow us to provide exclusive insights into historical trends in opinions and attitudes within the in-house legal sector.

The report highlights the key trends and issues at the heart of the in-house legal world, including: the involvement of legal departments in corporate strategic decision making; creating a team culture in a remote environment; perceptions around productivity; communications with external law firms; and the acceleration of trends in legal technology.

In the debut edition, you’ll discover:

  • How legal departments are driving corporate business strategy
  • How smaller legal teams are struggling to maintain influence in the remote environment
  • How in-house teams rate their communications with external counsel
  • How in-house teams are engaging with ‘legal technology’

This report is essential reading for private practice lawyers looking to truly understand their clients. For in-house lawyers and teams, the findings reveal how experiences and concerns are shared throughout the broader in-house community.