Equip your business development team with the most complete tool in the UK’s litigation industry; enquire here

This report will equip your business development team with the most complete tool in the UK’s litigation industry. This report is a vital tool for law firms, chambers and suppliers in the UK’s litigation industry, allowing your organisation to:

  1. Evaluate the most active firms, chambers, barristers and partners.
  2. Gain insight into which firms hold the greatest instructing powers.
  3. Understand where litigation work is coming from, with respect to sectors, countries or types of litigation.
  4. Target new sectors and areas for growth.
  5. Track market share and benchmarking.
  6. Identify trends and disrupt key relationships.

What’s new inside this report?

NEW – Litigation trends: Some 739 law firms and 206 chambers made appearances in the English courts between Q1 18 and Q2 18. This report has scrutinised over 1,000 cases that reached judgment within this period identifying litigation growth areas.

NEW Performance insights: Review the top performing firms and chambers and chart how their performance has fared so far 2018, while a comparative analysis contrasts this court activity with year-on- year data to illustrate how performance has altered over a protracted period.

NEW – in depth profiles – analysis of the top 10 most active firms and chambers over this period.

What’s also included? 

Top 10 cases: A summary of the top 10 cases that reached judgment in Q2 18 and their implications for the legal industry

League tables: Covering the most active firms, partners, chambers and barristers in Q2 18, by the most notable number of cases and case days

Court by court analysis: An analysis review of the 15 main UK courts and Tribunals detailing the most active firms, chambers and barristers by court

Practice area focus – An analysis of the most active firms, chambers and barristers covering 15 practice areas.

All data in this report is extracted from The Lawyer Litigation Tracker, a searchable database of recorded judgments in the main 15 UK courts dating back to 2015 which is available for purchase.

The new Litigation Tracker app from The Lawyer

In January 2019 The Lawyer launched the new Litigation Tracker online, a digitisation of its litigation news and analysis service. It includes judgments from 15 English courts since 2015 with data points including counsel, law firms, judges, clients and sectors all fully searchable. The Litigation Tracker now holds 8,750 cases and growing, involving over 8,000 companies. For details on how to subscribe to this super-premium service, email the Litigation Tracker team or call on 020 7970 4275.

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