This year’s Litigation Tracker Q1 report will focus on the activity in the main courts tracked by The Lawyer’s Litigation Tracker.

Brexit uncertainty, the main source of both internal and external pressure remains a source of worry for most of us but has not stemmed the flow of litigation into the UK’s courts: 553 litigants from 56 countries (excluding the UK) appeared before the fifteen courts in Q1.

In line with last year’s quarterly reports, this year’s Q1 will provide in-depth analysis on the four main courts, examining the breakdown in terms of practice areas, sectors. It will also rank the most active law firms, chambers and barristers – using metrics such as cases and case days to aid with benchmarking, as well as highlighting key client and law firm relationships in notable cases.

The full Q1 report is an indispensable piece of insight into the state of litigation in the UK’s courts during this first quarter.

  • Evaluate the most active barristers and partners.
  • Gain granular insight into who holds the greatest instructing power in the industry.
  • Understand where litigation work is coming from, be that with respect to sectors, countries or types of litigation.

The new Litigation Tracker app from The Lawyer

In January 2019 The Lawyer launched the new Litigation Tracker online, a digitisation of its litigation news and analysis service. It includes judgments from 15 English courts since 2015 with data points including counsel, law firms, judges, clients and sectors all fully searchable. The Litigation Tracker now holds 8,750 cases and growing, involving over 8,000 companies. For details on how to subscribe to this super-premium service, email the Litigation Tracker team or call on 020 7970 4275.