The new Litigation Tracker app from The Lawyer

In January 2019 The Lawyer launched the new Litigation Tracker online, a digitisation of its litigation news and analysis service. It includes judgments from 15 English courts since 2015 with data points including counsel, law firms, judges, clients and sectors all fully searchable. The Litigation Tracker now holds 8,750 cases and growing, involving over 8,000 companies. For details on how to subscribe to this super-premium service, email the Litigation Tracker team or call on 020 7970 4275.

This report analyses the 612 cases across fifteen English courts that reached judgment in Q1 2017. It follows The Lawyer’s inaugural 2016 Court Rankings report released in February 2017, which for the first time measured activity by law firms and chambers in English courts.

Of course, three months is a relatively short period in the world of litigation, where individual cases can sometimes last for many months. That said, the analysis of the 600+ recorded judgments in this short period does highlight some interesting trends. It also uncovers some new relationships between litigants, firms and chambers and gives an indication of rising activity levels of certain companies. Furthermore, a number of judgments were handed down in Q1 2017 that have important ramifications for how courts interpret laws.

What’s inside these reports?

  • Relationship analysis: Detailed listings of who the litigation powerhouses instructed most frequently in the last 12 months and which firms instructed the ten most active sets.
  • Notable cases: A summary of the ten cases you really need to know about that reached judgment in Q1 17.
  • League tables: Covering the most active firms, partners, chambers and barristers in Q1 17, in total and by court.
  • International litigants: Hear how litigants from across the globe battled it out in English courts in Q1 2017.
  • Court by court analysis: A summary of the most notable cases as well as the most active firms, barristers and chambers by court in Q2 17.

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