Litigation Tracker 2018: Year in review

This report is a vital business development tool for law firms, chambers and suppliers in the UK’s litigation industry.

By analysing the 2,000+ cases across fifteen English courts that reached judgment in 2017, the report unearths the most active firms and chambers in the year. Importantly, it also details who is instructing whom, uncovering vital relationships between litigants and law firms and between law firms and chambers.

Importantly, the report contains information on the most active barristers and partners. This provides readers with granular insight into who holds the greatest instructing power in the industry. This analysis is provided with respect to individual courts, types of litigation and in specific sectors.

The report also analyses trends in where litigation work is coming from, be that with respect to sectors, countries or types of litigation.

As usual, the report includes interviews with litigators at some of the country’s leading litigation practices.

The report also discusses the implications of the ten most important judgments in the quarter.

All data in this report is extracted from The Lawyer Litigation Tracker, a searchable database of recorded judgments in 15 UK courts dating back to 2015. This database is also available for purchase.

What’s inside this report?

Relationship analysis: Detailed listings of who instructed whom in 2017, including which firms instructed which sets and which barristers.

Notable cases: A summary of the ten cases you really need to know about that reached judgment in 2017.

League tables: Covering the most active firms, partners, chambers and barristers in 2017, in total and by court.

Firm insight: Hear from leading litigators on the implications of their most notable cases as well as their views on litigation funding, the use of technology and where they are seeing an uptick in work.

Court by court analysis: A summary of the most notable cases as well as the most active firms, barristers and chambers by court in 2017.


“The litigation tracker has proven to be a vital support in our competitor analysis.  It has provided us with some excellent insights is fast becoming a core component of our marketing research suite.” Director, leading set of commercial barristers, London.