The L&D Benchmarking reports compares the top UK law firms approaches to learning and development, as well as feedback from employees, enabling your firm to:

  1. Get more value from your greatest assets: retain, develop and attract more proficient, advanced and therefore lucrative employees at your firm through greater targeting of your L&D spend.
  2. Benchmark your firm against your competitors: how do your L&D training programs compare?
  3. Analyse the growing trends of L&D training spend.

The L&D, Talent and HR teams of businesses in the UK legal sector simply can’t afford to miss the unbeatable range of attributed insight in this report.

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The L&D benchmarking study compares the top UK law firms approaches to learning and development by analysing how much they spend on L&D, what types of courses they are able to offer and what uptake and demand they receive for training opportunities. In addition, the report focuses on users of these facilities across all law firms to see if the beliefs of the L&D teams are backed up by the honest feedback of their employees.

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