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  1. Understand the world’s top firms’ approach to winning roles on inbound and outbound China-related disputes.
  2. Gain insights into the latest technology and techniques these firms are using.
  3. Explore recent strategic moves in the disputes market around the globe, including lateral hires and alliances.

This year’s Global Litigation 50 has two primary focuses: The changing dynamics of the disputes market in China; and the use of technology in fraud, white collar and investigations-related disputes. Over the next decade the Chinese economy has the capacity to be one of the most significant drivers of legal market activity on the planet. But how can the leading US and UK-headquartered firms ensure that they have a seat at the top table?

This report will put firms’ strategies towards winning roles on disputes relating to both inbound and outbound China-related matters under the spotlight. In short, most large international law firms are asking a single question: How do we grow our share of China-related work? The Lawyer Global Litigation 50 report will look to answer that question through the lens of disputes. It will highlight recent strategic moves including lateral hires, alliances and other strategic moves and seek to provide practical insights into succeeding in China.

This analysis will also highlight the impact on the top firms’ strategies of the ongoing battle between Hong Kong and Singapore over bragging rights as the premier venue for disputes in Asia, and the potential impact on the top litigation practices of the One Belt One Road initiative.

A taste of this report’s insight:

Global Litigation 50 total headcount and revenue trends, 2013-2017

London litigation headcount and revenue trends, 2013-17

Magic Circle litigation revenue trends, 2013-17