The Global 200 is the first market report to rank the world’s 200 largest firms by revenue; the 2017 edition builds on 2016 data to track the progress of global law firms’ growth strategies.

Every single partner currently working at this group of firms has been logged in detail by The Lawyer’s research team, a total in excess of 60,000 partners. For every one the research team has detailed their office location, practice area and gender.

The office data reveals a heat map of the world’s largest firms in terms of their concentration of lawyers across all these areas.

Using comparative data from 2016, the report also reveals which global centres are the most lawyered and where the biggest personnel investment is happening.

In short, the Global 200 reveals a detailed picture of firms’ global bench strength, offering competitive intelligence on the capabilities of the top firms in the world.

The Global 200 reveals:

  • The firms with the highest concentration of partners in a range of disciplines worldwide and in individual jurisdictions and offices
  • The biggest exporters of legal services e.g. highlighting US firms’ biggest practice areas outside the US. This will show extent of internationalisation among the world’s largest firms and will highlight the range of legal services models that are now emerging
  • Growth of number of offices opened abroad in last five years
  • New entrants into the Global 200
  • The biggest firms not yet to have a presence in the UK/US/Hong Kong/China/ and other major legal hubs
  • Key clients

The Global 200 also includes global financial metrics such as RPL, RPP and PEP, offering for the first time the leading US and UK firms to be matched directly against top 200 rivals from Continental Europe, Asia Pacific and the rest of the world.

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