1. Understand the market: In-house legal teams’ attitudes towards reducing their legal cost, looking at the roles of external legal providers and technology.
  2. Understand your competition: Research into which law firms are working with each of the 350 companies and on what types of matters.
  3. Historical use and future sector trends: Research on the FTSE 350’s use of legal operations teams, outsourcing and the use of artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies, directly from FTSE 350 members


The Lawyer has analysed the litigation activity of the FTSE 350 to identify which companies have been most active over the last 5 years and the law firms and Chambers they frequently involve in their matters. This data has been combined with analysis on the number of in-house lawyers and the average number of years post qualified experience the legal team has in each company.

[Infographic] The who and the what of matters in the FTSE 350. Read here

What will you find within the FTSE 350 report? Find out more on the research and analysis that goes into producing it, as well as the details on the contents.

[Quiz] Our research within the FTSE 350 in-house legal teams has thrown out some surprising facts. How many correct answers can you achieve? Take our quiz to learn more

Furthermore, The Lawyer has looked at the gender divide within these companies. Coupled with this analysis, the report examines the potential for the rise in arbitration as an alternative to the expensive and public face of litigation.