The Lawyer FTSE 250 report, produced in association with Consilio, is the definitive guide to in-house teams at the FTSE 250 and the law firms serving them.

It details which law firms are working with each of the 250 companies and on what types of matters, including both corporate and litigation work.

A detailed investigation into:
1. Your market share: 
Research into which law firms are working with each of the 250 companies and on what types of matters. Where does your firm sit in the sector?
2. Stats on potential clients: 
Detailed investigation into the structure of the FTSE 250 legal teams, including headcount and PQE demographics.
3. Insight into potential clients:  
Thoughts on the FTSE 250’s use of legal operations teams (please see below for an insightful example), outsourcing and the use of artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies, directly from FTSE 250 members.

What role would be most useful to add to your in-house team to improve legal service delivery? 
The Lawyer FTSE 250
The report is a must-read for FTSE 250 in-house teams and any firm that works, or hopes to work, with this group of companies. It is part of a suite of data-rich reports that The Lawyer produces.

The FTSE 250 report reveals:

  • In-depth profiles on FTSE 250 companies and the projects they have undertaken to improve service delivery
  • The most active FTSE 250 companies for corporate work and the law firms they used
  • The most active FTSE 250 companies in litigation and the law firms and chambers they instructed
  • A review of panel appointments, identifying who ran them and which firms won spots
  • Which firms have the highest relationships capital with the FTSE 250
  • FTSE 250 legal team structure broken down by headcount, PQE and gender
  • GC appointments and exits
  • The biggest risk factors facing the FTSE 250