The European 100 2017 is the eighth edition of the only data-led report focused on Europe’s independent law firms. It identifies trends and growth across the Continent’s major markets.

In 2016 combined revenue for the European 100 rose again by 4 per cent to €9.4bn with lawyer headcount up 3 per cent. Brexit and the US presidential elections had an impact on activity levels, resulting in a slowdown in growth for Dutch and Irish firms in particular – while several Swiss and Norwegian firms had outstanding years. Luxembourg is also a buoyant market as financial institutions look to move out of the UK.

Each of the 100 firms are fully profiled with information on financials, headcount and strategy. The report also compares firms within their region and with the rest of the Continental market.

This year’s report contains up-to-date data on the size of the top 50 international firms in Europe, identifying the jurisdictions with the most partners and in which practice areas global firms are investing.

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