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1  Discover and examine the growth of independent Asia-Pacific firms in their HQ region.

One such example is in one of the major Asia-Pacific regions, Australia. The below graph shows the percentage year-on-year headcount increase for the 10 fastest growing firms.

Australia’s 10 fastest growing firms by lawyers, 2016-17

Investigate where the opportunities lie; which local firms to compete with, to partner with and to acquire.

3  Reveal the growth of international firms in Asia-Pac legal markets.

This pie chart shows the breakdown of partners at the top 50 international firms in Asia-Pacific by country.

Location of international partners by Asia-Pacific region

What’s included?

The Lawyer’s Asia Pacific 100 report looks into the Asia Pacific legal market with a 5-year analysis of headcount trends in the region’s top 100 independent firms and an in-depth analysis of their future growth strategies, cross-border capabilities and appetite for further integration with international firms. To support this analysis on attitudes towards integration, the report also includes analysis of the 50 largest international firms in Asia Pacific, looking at them both as a single group and on a more focused, jurisdictional basis.

As in previous years, the 2018 edition includes a profile of each of the top 50 firms by headcount in the region, with each profile accompanied by firm-focused data analysis. In addition, the key jurisdictions in the region are broken down and scrutinised in our market focus section. There is also a broader trend analysis of how the Asia Pacific legal market has grown in the last five years, highlighting firms with exceptional performance.