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  1. Investigate the risk both international and independent firms are facing in APAC’s main jurisdictions.
  2. Understand who’s growing and why in the region.
  3. Benchmark your firm’s progress against your peers.
  4. Win and defend your firm’s market share.

This year’s Asia-Pacific 100 will focus on growth and how the leading independent firms across the region are achieving it.

The 2019 edition will develop the findings from 2018, which revealed that lawyer headcount had increased by a third in five years, and that powerhouses of the region were beginning to emerge. As Chinese firms mushroom in size while many international firms are pulling away, we are witnessing the creation of a distinct geo-legal bloc.

Last year, as part of the Asia-Pac 100 report, The Lawyer revealed that no fewer than 37 of the 100 largest firms in last year’s Asia Pac 100 were China-headquartered, 21 were Australian and 12 were from India.

This year’s Asia Pac 100 will build on this ground-breaking research to investigate how the leading firms are growing their presence across the Asia region.

As always, the primary focus of the report will be on each firm’s bench strength in its most recent full financial year along with the contributing factors, including major deals, disputes, strategic developments and lateral hires.

The top 50 firms are profiled in depth, with key metrics such as number of partners, equity partners, female partners and qualified lawyer headcount – giving the most accurate demographic analysis of firms in the AsiaPac 100 available anywhere.

At the same time, we unearth trends within the key economic regions of the Asia-Pacific: China, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and South Korea.

The full Asia-Pac 100 ranking, with its unrivalled level of detail and insight, is an indispensable tool for understanding the dynamics of the fastest-developing legal market in the world.