Relax stance on Lockerbie urges lawyer

The Us and UK must relax their position on the Lockerbie trial location if they want to get the two Libyans accused of the bombing to court, the Scottish lawyer representing the two will tell a London conference this week.

Alistair Duff, who is acting for the accused men, Abriel Busset ali Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa Fhimah, was to speak at Monday's joint International Bar Association/Arab Lawyers Union conference where he was to put his clients' case.

Last week he told The Lawyer that he had explained to the two men the mechanisms in the Scottish criminal justice system that exist to protect defendants against prejudice from adverse media coverage, and his clients had stuck to their opinion that a jury trial in Scotland or the US would be unfair to them.

The UK and US would have to agree to a trial somewhere else if the two are ever to come to court, he said.