Reality reading

Tulkinghorn would like to assure readers that the following story is not a sign of things to come. Reality TV gossip is most definitely not going to become the staple diet of this page. Nevertheless, Tulkinghorn feels obliged to draw readers' attention to Big Brother 3, and specifically to contestant Federico's choice of reading matter. According to Mrs Tulkinghorn, each entrant to the Big Brother household was allowed one book to fend off the boredom.

Now, Tulkinghorn had assumed that anyone fool enough to entertain spending 10 weeks imprisoned with a crowd of people they don't know under the constant glare of the TV cameras are hardly likely to make the most enlightened choices. However, Tulkinghorn has been forced to review his position. Federico – who according to Mrs Tulkinghorn is responsible for the group failing two weekly tasks, whatever they might be – has chosen Geoffrey Robertson QC's The Justice Game. Tulkinghorn now tunes in avidly every night in the hope of hearing an impassioned debate based around Doughty Street's head of chambers' tales of injustice spanning 30 years. Given the meagre nature of their food budget in the past two weeks, perhaps it could spark plans for litigation on the grounds of infringements to their human rights.