RC mission writ for Wansbroughs

TRUSTEES of the Roman Catholic Mission to Italian Emigrants in Great Britain are taking solicitor Christopher Blythe and his firm Wansbroughs Willey Hargrave to the High Court claiming damages for negligence.

Writs have just been issued by London firm Witham Weld on behalf of the mission against Blythe and Wansbroughs accusing them of negligence and breach of duty and contract between October 1984 and March 1993.

It is claimed they failed to exercise a proper level of skill and care in acting as solicitors advising the trustees following a fire at a Trust-owned property in Edgbaston.

Blythe is being sued in his own right for damages and restitution or breach of trust, while the firm is also being sued for damages for negligence and breach of duty and failure to exercise a proper level of skill and care in supervising the activities of Blythe before and after a fire at the trustees' house in Edgbaston, on 22 March 1989.

*In another writ just issued at the High Court, solicitor Andrew Reid is suing Bracknell firm BMW (GB) for the return of money he had paid last year for a u44,000 Range Rover, which he claims was not of merchantable quality and had faults. The writ, issued by Reid Minty, seeks the return of money paid out in a hire purchase agreement.