Raid masquerade

It was panic stations at The Lawyer last week when news broke that Freshfields had been dawn-raided.

The police made a surprise raid on Freshfields in the early hours of 1 May and The Lawyer‘s reporters were feverish with anticipation of the front page the story could bring.

Tulkinghorn is wide in girth and long in years and has seen many such stories lead nowhere. So, making a call from his armchair, he soon ascertained the true story.

It turns out that Freshfields really was dawn-raided. However, Freshfields is also the name of an animal rescue centre in Merseyside that’s suspected of animal-rights extremism. It was they, rather than our esteemed friends on Fleet Street, who were the victims of the long arm of the law. Things might be tough at the magic circle firm, but they’re not that tough.

Talk about a wild goose chase.