Quotes of the week

“The problem was more psychological than fundamental.”

Veil Jourde managing partner Jean Veil succumbs to the national stereotype while shrugging off a series of partner losses. News

“The commitment to performance we require is not for everyone and some people have left.”

Blake Dawson Waldron managing partner John Atkin proves himself the king of understatement after axing more than 50 partners. News

“That’s almost a Holy Grail that the auditors never thought they’d get.”

KPMG associate general counsel Christopher Arnull gets religious while pondering the implications of the Equitable Life case. Client file

“This is an issue about fair representation and the interests of justice. It’s about a criminal investigator wanting to stack the odds in its favour.”

Burges Salmon‘s Chris Jackson reckons the Health & Safety Executive ain’t playing fair. News

“It’s out of intensive care. But there’s significant rehabilitation and the treatment will continue. I suspect there’ll still be some unpleasant medicine to take in the future.”

Jomati’s Tony Williams spies trouble ahead for Hammonds. News