Quinn chief: associates, head to the beach

Next time you’re enjoying a family favourite Fab lolly on that annual seaside break, pay some more attention to the view. It might look like any old infinity pool, Tiki cocktail and bamboo beach hut at first glance, but look a little closer and you’ll spot an unusual creature grazing among the palm trees – a lawyer.

What’s so unusual about a lawyer on holiday, we hear you ask? Well, nothing. Except this lawyer isn’t on holiday – this is a Quinn Emanuel associate, who has just been handed $2,000 to work anywhere in the world for a week – as long as they’ve billed enough in the previous year. This particular lawyer is a creature as rare and exotic as the Javan Rhinoceros, though the Javan Rhinoceros is unlikely to be expected to have a Blackberry on 24/7.

The US litigation firm’s boss John Quinn has even come up with some suggestions for these lucky lawyers. How about a beach café in India? A hostel in the mountains of Colombia? Or a visit to Kathmandu?

“Who knows, maybe it will be a disaster,” he tells The Lawyer. “Maybe there’ll be too much screwing around.”

Does Quinn know something that we don’t?

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