Queen’s wench

The Herbert Smith press party the other day provided a chance to meet up with the great and the good of the City firm. One of the hot topics of the night was Herbies’ imminent partnership retreat. But instead of looking forward to a few days out of the office, most partners were cursing the person who thought a golf club in Wales in November was a good idea.

Apart from the obvious meteorological challenges of that part of the world in the winter, a straw poll by Tulkinghorn found not one lawyer who played golf.

Tulkinghorn was more impressed by head of finance Jason Fox, who regaled one of his scribes with a tale of when he recently met the Queen, at the opening of a hospital for which he handled the PFI funding.

However, meeting the head of state seems to have confused ‘The Foxster’. Recreating his moment with “Ma’am”, the finance hotshot curtseyed rather than bowed in front of Tulkinghorn’s hack.

Tulkinghorn is sure the Queen was mightily impressed.