Queen Mary Uni launches pro bono first

London’s Queen Mary University has launched a legal advice centre, the first ever undergraduate-run legal advice centre in the capital.

The centre will be run by students from Queen Mary’s pro bono group, supervised by volunteers from firms including Field Fisher Waterhouse, Reed Smith and Richards Butler.

Students will advise members of the public on questions of employment, housing and consumer contract law.

The centre will be open on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 24 October, and sessions will be held at the university’s Mile End campus.

It will be officially launched by Attorney General Lord Goldsmith on 3 November.

Chris Marshall, a Richards Butler pro bono coordinator, said: “By making sure legal resources are accessible, it means more people are able to get access to justice and proper representation.”

Commenting on whether members of the public would accept advice from undergraduates, Marshall added: “What people are looking for is access to advice and, looking at law centre representation there in and around London, we think they will be happy to have advice from students and lawyers together.

“Lawyers will make sure that any work that goes out is the same standard as what we do for paying clients.”