Quality (not just high) Street

Time was when the upper end of the foodie market would turn its epicurean nose up at the spinal-fluid-in-a-bap offerings of the fast-food franchises next door to Poundland.

But, as Biggie Smalls once so eloquently put it, things done changed. Now, in these recession-hit times there are queues round the block for Ronald Mac’s easy on the waistline salads, while Burger King even went so far as to offer up an £85 kobe beef-laden patty back in 2008.

And it’s the end of the age of snobbery against the high street on which legal franchise QualitySolicitors is also staking its future.

The company has revealed it is to launch 50 new branches across the country and even reckons that it is in talks with a number of top 100 firms (see story).
One of the bonuses of signing up to the Quality banner, besides all the extra free advertising, is that the firms in question get to tag the monikerQualitySolicitors to the front of their names… just in case anyone doubted the competence of the lawyers involved.

Let’s just hope law firm branding doesn’t go entirely the way of the burger chain. Otherwise, we might start seeing PerfectSolictors, SolicitorsCottage or even, please God, SouthernFriedSolictors. It’s only a matter of time.