Quadrant (formerly 4 Essex Court) – UK 100

Turnover: £13.5m

Heads of chambers: Nigel Teare QC

Total tenants (silks): 46 (12)

Door tenants: 13

Chambers contributions: 17.5 per cent

Revenue per barrister: £294,000

Top cases last year: The Gaul Inquiry; Ragner v Davis; Daewoo v Kilpriver; Re Deep Vein Thrombosis and air travel group litigation; for Cathay Pacific in applications before the Transport Licensing Authority, Hong Kong.

No of appearances in House of Lords: Three

No of appearances in the Court of Appeal: 12

Barrister to staff ratio: 1:0.33

Average hourly rates: 0-5: £125; 6-10: £175; 11-15: £250; New silk: £300; 5+ silk: £450

New clients: N/A

Income derived from overseas work: 1 per cent