Quadrant boosts pupillage award

The 2010-11 intake will receive an annual award of £55,000, up from £40,000.

Chief executive Tim ­Gerrard said it was a ­correctional measure ­adopted because the set had not raised its pupillage award for several years.

“We’re very conscious that it’s not been changed for a while and we’ve fallen behind,” Gerrard said. “If you’re an attractive set and you’re offering a below-­market rate you’re not going to get the best people.”

In August One Essex Court Chambers announced that it would raise its pupillage award to £60,000, while Wilberforce Chambers raised its award to £48,000 from £40,000.

Nicholas Hill, senior practice director for 3 ­Verulam Buildings, said the set was considering raising its award post-2010-11 to bring the set in line with the ­market.