Quack attack

Feathers are flying at US law firm Crowell & Moring. Hundreds of yellow rubber ducks are quacking in fear following reports of a serial duck killer.

London managing partner Peter Teare confirmed that there had indeed been cases of duckocide at the firm in recent weeks. The attacks follow an internal backlash by partners believed to be jealous of their ducks’ popularity with both press and clients.

For those not familiar with Tulkinghorn’s previous writeups on the ongoing saga of the firm’s feathered friends, the yellow rubber ducks in question inhabit the fountain in the foyer of Crowell & Moring’s offices.

The news of the duck killer comes at the same time that the ducks were also facing the threat of possible redundancy. The Lawyer was alerted to their plight following a press release from new PR setup Myddleton Communications, saying it would now be handling the Crowell & Moring account. With no mention of the ducks, The Lawyer became concerned for the little fellows’ safety.

Teare confirmed that a partners’ meeting will be held later this week to decide on their fate. However, the firm has assured Tulkinghorn that once the culprits are found, they will be straight up before the beak.