PwC provides industry-focused assurance, tax, consulting and deals services to build public trust and enhance value for its clients and their stakeholders.

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PwC provides industry-focused assurance, tax, consulting and deals services to build public trust and enhance value for its clients and their stakeholders. We’re committed to delivering a high-quality, professional service, and offer unrivalled experience of helping large organisations resolve complex business issues. It’s our ability to bring fresh ideas and knowledge of best practices that distinguishes us from our competitors.

Your reputation — with your customers and employees, the public, regulators and other companies — is what keeps you in business and underpins your success. But reputation can be lost with terrifying speed. Hackers steal your data. A competitor accuses your sales force of corruption. A dispute with your business partner threatens to erode value. An accounting discrepancy undermines market confidence. The press discover related party transactions in a joint venture.

You need to know the facts immediately. If there’s a problem, you need a speedy explanation and a credible plan to fix it. Prevention is even better: knowing where your vulnerabilities are and managing the risks involved. All this requires investigation, analysis and assessment — of accounts, people, communication, events, data — all governed by complex, technical and ever-changing rules across multiple jurisdictions. And that’s what we do.

Our experts, based all around the world, can tackle any crisis or anxiety costing you sleep: contract disputes, litigation, corruption, fraud, cybercrime, e-discovery, document review, data analytics, intellectual property and licensing compliance, insurance claims, regulatory investigations and so on. We’ll work with you to overcome complex challenges, with an uncompromising approach. We’re your trusted adviser, your expert witness, your investigator and your representative in mediation and arbitration.

Our specialist disputes team advises on the financial, economic and valuation aspects of claims, assists clients through the dispute resolution process and provides independent expert testimony. We work on a wide range of disputes including litigation, arbitration, mediation, expert determination and regulatory matters.

Our strength comes not only from our forensic accounting expertise but how we combine with valuation, economic and industry specialists across the global PwC network to respond to your needs. Whether you are already in or contemplating a dispute, we work with you to plan the best response and deal with it effectively. If matters do go to trial, we can help you every step of the way.


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Aerospace, defence and security
As global powers shift, customer expectations change, and the dynamic of international aerospace and defence markets change, we are seeing many organisations in the sector rethink their approach to dealing with a new combination of pressures. Our UK aerospace, defence and security (ADS) practice is run by both specialists from industry, along with ex-senior military professionals. We work with a range of ADS organisations, tackling the big challenges they face and drawing on our experiences across the Ministry of Defence, government, multinationals, UK organisations, privately owned businesses and entrepreneurs. Click here for more information on ADS.

Asset management
Asset management firms have emerged from the financial crisis into a world where the boundaries between traditional financial services industries are now blurred and the appetite for and access to capital is fiercer than ever before. Stringent regulations including the UCITS IV directive and AIFMD are now commonplace. And with complex tax reporting requirements such as FATCA now in force, asset managers find themselves trying to combine their natural entrepreneurial tendencies with a much more cautious and compliant approach to reporting on their performance and on their attitude towards managing risk. In response, many businesses are revisiting their growth objectives, operating models and reassessing their culture and the way they conduct business activities. The question is how prepared are you? Click here for more information on asset management.

Our UK automotive practice has more than 200 sector specialists working with global organisations, multinationals, UK companies, privately owned businesses, entrepreneurs and industry organisations. We are an integral part of our global automotive network, giving our experts access to industry specialists in more than 140 countries. It is with this depth and breadth of experience that we assist both large and small automotive companies throughout the UK. Through our range of services, we assist organisations to manage their performance, operate sustainably, review suppliers and supply chain risk and explore opportunities in emerging markets and low-cost sourcing. Click here for more information on automotive.

Banking and capital markets
Emerging regulation and a lack of trust in the industry means banks remain under enormous scrutiny and pressure. Banking leaders are being challenged on the culture of their organisations and their ability to generate sustainable returns for their investors. The validity of their operating models and, perhaps more importantly, their purpose has been questioned. With new entrants challenging the entire retail and wholesale distribution chain, many banks find themselves on an uncomfortable position, needing to respond to immediate regulatory demands but without losing sight of the need to evolve and reinvent themselves. Click here for more information on banking and capital markets.

Business services
While the business services sector is one that is responding well to the upturn, some firms still face challenges. CEOs are under pressure to meet growth targets and many are looking at the way their organisations operate. They need to look at reducing organisational complexity and creating more flexible, scalable operating models that are capable of quickly responding to new market opportunities and operate at lower cost. Firms will need to find new and innovative ways to deliver services if they are to meet the changing demands from clients. Making the best use of technology will also be key to future success, as will finding more efficient ways of managing their most important asset: their people. Click here for more information on business services.

Capital projects and infrastructure
Leading think-tank Policy Exchange estimates that renewing Britain’s infrastructure will cost £500bn by 2020. It’ll be a huge challenge for both the new government and for industry. The government’s National Infrastructure Plan sees £200bn investment over the next five years and focuses on how to improve the environment for all sectors – government, regulated entities and global investors – to invest in economic infrastructure. Government, infrastructure companies and investors will need to apply their expertise more to estimating and forecasting, risk management and governance. They will also need to put the right people and systems in place if the assets are to deliver value throughout their lives. Click here for more information on capital projects and infrastructure.

We deliver exceptional value to our clients with integrity and confidence. We have the charity understanding, experience and expertise ready and available to support you in these challenging times, ensuring your charity is in the best possible position for the upturn and can deal with change. We’re committed to the sector and to our clients for the long term. We understand the issues facing the sector and have solutions to help you. Click here for more information on charities.

Increasing demands for raw materials, cyber-security threats and the growing challenge to attract young talent to the sector are just some of the dynamics affecting today’s chemical industry. Our chemicals practice works with high-volume chemicals companies to smaller-scale, speciality businesses and with UK headquarters as well as the UK operations of overseas firms. We offer guidance to the industry in areas including M&A developments, talent retention, sustainability, regulation and achieving global and local growth. Click here for more information on chemicals.

Engineering and construction
The UK engineering and construction sector faces more challenges than any other following the recent recession. According to our latest CEO survey, 88 per cent of engineering and construction CEOs are concerned about uncertain or volatile economic growth. We have a UK team of engineering and construction industry experts who can help and are committed to delivering quality assurance, tax and advisory services. We also have specialists working in areas such as public/private partnerships, sustainability services, environmental taxation, construction dispute resolution and environmental services. Click here for more information on engineering and construction.

Entertainment and media
The media industry has been profoundly affected by the economic downturn with the emergence of the digitally empowered consumer, with firm ideas of what they will and won’t pay for. New devices and technologies continue to change the way we all consume media, demanding quality content wherever we are. The industry must integrate these new platforms with traditional media where necessary, to create a dynamic customer experience that pays. Click here for more information on entertainment and media.

Financial services
While it remains premature to call time on the financial crisis, a picture of the future financial services landscape, or at least its broad features, is emerging. Driven by the impact of regulation, transformational technology and an emerging focus on customer outcomes, the boundaries between traditional financial services sectors are becoming increasingly blurred. New breeds of agile and digitally enabled competitors are beginning to challenge established financial service organisations. Questions are being asked over the purpose and the value of traditional financial services institutions. Preserving reputation, culture and trust are issues. Capital is constrained and generating sustainable profits is challenging. And new regulation continues to emerge, elevating the cost of compliance. Organisations need to evolve to meet these challenges or ultimately risk becoming both uncompetitive and irrelevant. Click here for more information on financial services.

Forest, paper and packaging
Sustainability and climate change, shifts in global powers and an increasing demand for raw materials are just some of the challenges facing the forestry, paper and packaging sector today. Our practice provides services to UK-based companies, including the UK operations of overseas forestry, paper and packaging organisations. We work with more than 70 per cent of the top 30 global companies, advising on areas including supply chain effectiveness, transactions, expansion and restructuring, corporate governance and financial reporting. Click here for more information on forest, paper and packaging.

Government and public sector
We focus on three things for government and the public sector: assurance, tax and advisory services. Working together with our clients, across local government, health, education, transport, home affairs, housing, social care, defence and international development, we look for answers on how to increase efficiencies while improving quality and outcomes, and help to develop solutions that add value and are practical to implement. Click here for more information on government and public sector.

Hospitality and leisure
The hospitality and leisure industry embraces a spectrum of sectors and businesses across hotels, pubs and restaurants, travel and tourism, sport and leisure and gaming. The sector is dependent on consumer confidence and business sentiment and is facing increasing pressure to deliver innovation, quality and value. Consumers’ belts are tightening with the continuing fragility of the European and UK economies and the impact of the government’s austerity measures. Brand strength and effective distribution channels are becoming more important than ever. The industry is increasingly engaging with digitally active consumers who expect to be able to interact with brands on a personalised, multi-channel basis and who are harnessing social media and mobile technology at an ever faster rate. Click here for more information on hospitality and leisure.

No one could ever accuse insurance of being dull. Whether it’s dealing with the fall-out of a natural catastrophe, responding to annuity market reform or reinventing their business model to capitalise on the power of big data and the digital agenda, insurers, reinsurers and brokers continue to operate in a constant state of change. And that’s far from easy, particularly when they’re under such intense regulatory scrutiny to comply with the likes of Solvency II and of course to meet the demands of the wider conduct agenda. Click here for more information on insurance.

From the industrial revolution of the 19th century to the 3D printing technologies of today, the UK manufacturing industry is facing many new challenges and opportunities in light of changing market dynamics. The costs and rewards of operating in different countries around the world continue to evolve making decisions about where to design, make and service products increasingly difficult, while manufacturing leaders are struggling to find the best people and skills to develop the next generation of products. Our UK industrial manufacturing practice works with both UK headquarters and oversees organisations with a UK presence. We provide guidance in areas such as revenue growth, inventory costs, supply chain management, M&A, product lifecycle management, sales and operations management. Click here for more information on manufacturing.

Global shifts in economic power, climate change and raw material demands, and the potential for supply chain disruption, continue to challenge the metals industry. The threat of new market entrants, volatile energy costs and government regulation also remain on the agenda of many metals CEOs. Our metals practice works with UK-based organisations involved in ferrous and non-ferrous primary and secondary metals production, including the UK operations of overseas firms. We advise on areas including industry consolidation, supply chain efficiency, performance improvement, talent management, cost reduction and digital security. Click here for more information on metals.

Over the course of the last year, global economic and political trends have fundamentally changed the mining industry. It finds itself in a new era with emerging markets causing bullish long-term demand projections while supply remains constrained. There is continuing pressure on the industry to maintain financial discipline and therefore the industry is now receiving more attention from its many and varied stakeholders than ever. Click here for more information on mining.

Oil and gas
The oil and gas industry contends with a great amount of uncertainty and risk, and yet companies have to focus on the future to ensure financial and operational success. New projects require long lead times, and even though the current global economy is struggling, the world’s population continues to grow. With this growth, energy demand will increase. We continue to study industry trends and issues closely, so that we can better understand the challenges that our clients face, and how we can best help them to achieve success. In the UK, our oil and gas centres of excellence in London and Aberdeen are working closely with other network firms on delivering professional services to companies of all sizes. Click here for more information on oil and gas.

Pharmaceuticals and life sciences
Our UK group is an integral part of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ global pharmaceuticals and life sciences practice, an international leader in providing professional services to the pharmaceutical and life science industry. Our commitment to the industry is comprehensive and includes the delivery of a wide range of services for the following key segments: proprietary and generic drug manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, medical device suppliers, contract research and sales organisations. It is our work with industry and in-depth understanding of key industry issues that are central to the delivery of our services to pharmaceutical and life sciences clients. Click here for more information on pharmaceuticals and life sciences.

Private equity
The private equity landscape is changing. Regulatory pressure, calls for transparency, erratic markets and increased competition mean that private equity funds need to cast their net further to find untapped sources of value. We have an established private equity practice with a proven track record. Our capabilities include fund structuring through to deal origination, deal execution and post-deal services. We work with our private equity clients to help them to refinance and exit from their investments. Our taxation advice extends across the private equity deal continuum, from fund inception and ongoing compliance to tax due diligence, structuring and exit planning. Click here for more information on private equity.

Real estate
PwC’s real-estate team advises listed and private property companies, developers, real-estate investment funds, banks, occupiers and public sector organisations. We provide a range of integrated, specialist assurance, tax, legal and advisory services to help our clients deal effectively with their property requirements, for example by tax-efficient fund structuring, assistance with finance and transaction execution, dealing with regulatory issues and reporting requirements, providing assurance on financial data and advising on cost mitigation projects and occupational estate strategies, as well as restructuring and workout. Click here for more information on real estate.

Technology sector
‘In the UK, we have a great infrastructure, a competitive tax regime and great people. Our ability to compete globally and innovate remains strong and the sector can thrive because it is capable of generating the growth we need to return our economy back to prosperity,’ said Jass Sarai, UK technology industry leader. We can help ensure your business is able to take advantage of changing economic conditions, shifting consumer behaviour patterns and technological advancements. The UK technology group is part of our global network of industry specialists and subject matter experts. Click here for more information on the technology sector.

Transport and logistics
Our UK transport and logistics group, which has more than 200 practitioners, provides a broad range of assurance, advisory and tax services to UK-based transport and logistics companies and to the UK operations of overseas companies. We are an integral part of PwC’s global transportation and logistics practice, giving our clients access to an international network of knowledge and experience. An in-depth understanding of key industry issues is central to our delivery of services to our transport and logistics clients. Click here for more information on transport and logistics.