Putting the world to rights

Tulkinghorn sends out his thanks to Lovells partner Peter Taylor for spotting last week’s deliberate mistake. A story about Clyde & Co‘s US expansion literally redrew the map of the world, with a little help from The Lawyer.

Eagle-eyed Taylor wasted no time in pointing out the obviously deliberate error: “I refer to your article in yesterday’s edition on page 4. One hopes earnestly that my friends at Clydes will have better fortune in their expansion than seems to be demonstrated by their PR people in navigational skills, if the locations of their overseas offices are indeed perceived by them as set out in the map accompanying the article (er, in fact they’re innocent – Tulkinghorn).

“Los Angeles has clearly drifted towards North Carolina and New York has shifted to Maine; Nantes has slipped off for a quick break to the Mediterranean; Paris has migrated to Slovenia; Belgrade to the North of Kurdistan; Dubai and Abu Dhabi have escaped from the Gulf entirely and swapped their natural geographic rotation; Hong Kong has definitely gone back to China and become Dalian; and Shanghai seems to be wandering somewhere in North Korea. Time to bring back some emphasis on Clyde’s traditional skills in maritime work, perhaps?”
Or perhaps, more accurately, time for The Lawyer art department to stop drawing maps the day after the awards…