Judges are one of the professional groups most trusted by the general public, research from Ipsos-Mori has revealed.

Four out of five people (81 per cent) trust judges to tell the truth, the pollster’s 2016 Veracity Index says.

Only nurses, doctors and teachers are more trusted.

Lawyers in general fared less well in the survey than judges, however, with only half (52 per cent) of people trusting them to tell the truth.

Enemies of the people?
Enemies of the people?

The research comes in the wake of a series of attacks on the judiciary from right-wing media organisations including the Daily Express and the Daily Mail. The latter dubbed the High Court judges who that ruled that triggering Article 50, which would start the process of Britain leaving the EU, could not be done without Parliamentary approval as ‘enemies of the people‘.

Trusted by only 24 per cent of people, journalists were among the least-trusted professions, ranking only above government ministers and politicians generally.

Trust chart 2016