Stewarts employment partner Richard Nicolle is quoted in an article in the Times published on 11 April about protections for whistleblowers contained in the Public Interests Disclosure Act 1998, and how they work in practice.

The Senior Managers Regime, which came into force last year, seeks to ensure that executives follow the rules and makes the current accusations against Barclays’ Jes Staley extremely serious.

Richard Nicolle said in the article:

“For senior managers to be seen to be focused on unmasking anonymous whistleblowers will do great damage to the confidence of anyone who does want to anonymously raise legitimate concerns,”

The article continues: ‘In the City, one of the main conduits for whistleblowers to raise their concerns is the Financial Conduct Authority. However, Mr Nicolle cautioned that the watchdog had “no track record of coming to their defence”.’