Prophylactic tactic

Hammond Suddards Edge's marketing department is in something of a quandary at the moment. A couple of recent client wins have provided excellent opportunities for publicity.
First the firm picked up Interflora – easy. Those clever marketing people just laid out the lawyer handling the work on a bed of flowers. A couple of snaps later and he can consider his marketing obligations fulfilled and get back to the job in hand. Sorry, job in hand might be a slightly inappropriate turn of phrase given the firm's second client win – a leading condom manufacturer. Now how do you market that and maintain the client partner's dignity into the bargain? Laying the client partner on a bed of anything, let alone snapping him with job in hand, so to speak, is out of the question. Please send all your suggestions to Tulkinghorn at the usual address. No smut, though; this is the legal profession after all.