Profession figures in Gay Times celebration

OVER a dozen lawyers will feature in a Top 200 survey of prominent lesbians and gay men commissioned by Gay Times to celebrate its 200th issue in May.

Compiler of the law section, Angus Hamilton, himself a gay solicitor, says the task was “nigh on impossible”.

His final choice is: Angela Mason, director of Stonewall, Simmy Viinikka of the Terence Higgins Trust, and Simon Woods, Gill Butler and Maitland Kalton who all have their own practices.

He says junior barrister Sarah Maguire and solicitor Rob Kemp are “the ones to watch”. But he says it is impossible not to recognise the contributions of QCs Adrian Fulford, Martin Bowley, barristers Terry Munyard and Marguerite Russell, Scottish advocate Derek Ogg and solicitor David Clarke.

All those featured in the survey are open about their sexuality.

Maguire, of Took's Court, says: “It's a credit to the history of the gay and lesbian movement and its activism and to the liberalisation of the legal profession that lawyers of all levels are prepared to come out and be counted.”

Gay Times says the survey is not an exercise in the controversial tactic of “outing”, but recognises the integral role played by gay men and lesbians in the British legal system and other professions.