Press gang

The Government at present is really worried about how much it’s spending on such things as its lawyers’ fees and all those nasty inquiries. Lawyer redundancies beckon, which is perhaps why the Government has instead decided to invest so heavily in the far more important communications division.

While under the Conservatives there were literally a handful of Home Office press officers, under New Labour the list of names are now spread across no fewer than six pages. And if this doesn’t shock, on just one page there were 33 press officers. Tulkinghorn is too busy weeping about all that additional hot air to count the lot.

Perhaps the Government is hiding them, though, for when a hack from The Lawyer visited the Home Office the other day to interview its head legal adviser David Seymour, he was surprised to learn that he would be accompanied by a mere two press officers and a secretary. A veritable lean, mean PR machine.