Present sense

As part of the run-up to Christmas, Tulkinghorn is looking for the best ‘deal toy’ of 2003. (For those of you not in the know, a deal toy is a present received by the lawyer at the end of a transaction.)

Apparently, in the last 18 months, the quality of the average deal toy has fallen quite considerably, as clients have got a little more tightfisted with their cash. Acting on a recent deal for a fashion company, one partner told Tulkinghorn that he was hoping for something similar to the £1,000 Gucci briefcase that was given out on one of the Italian fashion king’s big deals. No such luck – he got a tie.

Other gems have included a beat box and a fish-filleting knife (which apparently caused a great deal of consternation at the airport check-in).

And for anyone that has happened to hang out in the Slaughter and May canteen – that jukebox is a deal toy too.

For any weird and wonderful deal toys received this year, please email Tulkinghorn at the usual address.