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Sting case settles out of court

An out-of-court settlement has ended one potential forth-coming action. Pop star Sting’s company, Steerpike has reached an agreement with Coutts bank over a u5 million claim. As a result, the case has been removed from the Commercial Court list.

Litigation Recent Decisions 11/10/94

Unfair dismissal – considering reason for dismissal British Railways Board v Jackson (1994) (CA) (Neill LJ, Hoffmann LJ, Waite LJ) Summary: Legalism which industrial tribunals should try and avoid necessity for considering circumstances which employer is entitled to take into account in unfair dismissal cases. Employer’s appeal against industrial tribunal’s finding of unfair dismissal where […]

Litigation Writs 11/10/94

Dorking solicitors Downs face a u45,000 High Court claim over theft of money by a former secretary who committed suicide after confessing what she had done. The writ has been issued against the firm by the executor of an estate the firm was handling and from which the money is said to have been stolen. […]

Spawning libel actions

A sub-plot has developed as the provisional hearing date next month draws nearer in the libel action being taken by former Welsh police superintendent Gordon Anglesea against the Independent on Sunday, The Observer, Private Eye and HTV. Scallywag magazine has joined the fray and served a libel writ on defamation lawyer Barton Taylor of Russell […]

Ian Gascoigne

JUDGES and magistrates are to be trained in women’s issues and the problems faced by disabled people, the Judicial Studies Board (JSB) has announced. The JSB’s 16-member Ethnic Minorities Advisory Committee (EMAC) is to be transformed into the Equal Treatment Advisory Committee (ETAC) with a widened scope to tackle judicial ignorance of minorities appearing in […]

Vasectomy 'gone wrong'

Urologist Solomon Goldenberg will face High Court action where he is being sued by a Kent couple over a failed vasectomy operation at the Raleigh Nursing Home in London. Martyn and Karen Newell complain that after Mr Newell underwent a vasectomy in the 1980s Mrs Newell became pregnant. She gave birth to a son in […]

Outward bound libel case

A libel hearing is imminent between the Outward Bound Trust Ltd and Mirror Group Newspapers. It follows a Daily Mirror story on 23 March last year relating to the canoeing tragedy at Lyme Regis, Dorset, in which four teenagers died and others ended up in hospital. The article referred to the party as having been […]

Litigation Recent Decisions 18/10/94

DTI: No duty to provide guidelines Article 130r EEC Treaty – white paper 1990 ‘This common inheritance’ R v Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, ex parte Duddridge and Ors (1994) (DC 03.10.94.) (Farquharson LJ, Smith J) Summary: No duty on the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry to provide guidelines on the […]

Making the most of UK connections

Roger Pearson looks ahead The High Court scene is set for two legal battles which could have far-reaching implications for workers in undeveloped countries who suffer illness or injury working in their homelands for companies with UK power bases. Leigh Day & Co’s Richard Meeran is spear-heading claims over the death and illness of workers […]