Tulkinghorn is still full a week after his outing to the Variety Club's legal event at the Dorchester, an occasion positively groaning with lawyers and fine food. With dishes prepared by chefs from the likes of Zuma, the Cinnamon Club and the Greenhouse, the crowd was absolutely sated. The Variety Club's cunning plan was to let lawyers gorge themselves and then donate tons of cash – which is precisely what happened. The event raised over £50,000 – the equivalent of 20 electric wheelchairs for severely disabled children and four times as much as was raised last year. Tulkinghorn particularly liked the bidding war between two lawyers for a night with the boys in blue, otherwise known as an all-night ride in a Thames Valley police car. (They don't get out much.) But best of all, the legal profession's very own rock god Bob Kidby turned up with his band – although this rather bemused one hapless guest. “I never knew Bob Kidby was a Scouser,” he said, as the table-hopping began in earnest. Kidby a Scouser? Was this a filthy rumour put about by Herbert Smith's David Taylor? Turns out that the guest had been mistakenly talking guitars with Salans' Lionel Rosenblatt for half an hour. Well, they've both got the 'taches.