Poll dancing

Election fever is sweeping the country today, with commentators, business leaders and the public alike nailing their colours to the mast as future leaders outline their utopian visions.

Yes, the race for the senior partner role at Freshfields has begun (see story).

Having previously run elections on a nudge-nudge wink-wink word-in-the-ear basis, the firm will this time opt for a full-blown campaign featuring such un-lawyerly things as manifestos, hustings and, possibly, baby kissing.

Freshfields also faces a decision over whether to continue with its dual senior partner strategy – a legacy of last decade’s German mergers.

With other international firms managing fine with just the one leading light and both Konstantin Mettenheimer and Guy Morton calling it a day simultaneously, all the indications are that the time has come for a rethink.

Unfortunately, prospective candidates are likely to keep their powder dry for a few months yet so anyone eager for some campaign trail shenanigans will have to look elsewhere for now.daily

Apparently there’s a warm-up act on 6 May that may be of interest.