Polish elections delay legal fee cap

The controversial law to cap legal fees in Poland is likely to be put on hold until next year, with national elections set to disrupt its progress.

The ruling Law and Justice Party has tried to introduce a law to cap legal fees at €70 (£48.67) an hour, which has met with opposition from domestic and international law firms.

The regulation was due to come into effect this year, but the possibility of elections next month has held up its progress.

Despite this the political will still remains to introduce the fee cap once the elections have finished.

Peter Deegan, Warsaw finance partner at Clifford Chance, said: “The law won’t be on the books before the elections, but there’s a good chance the ruling party will be re-elected, and if they do they’ll probably go forward with the law.

“Early in the new year it’s likely to raise its head again. I think the justice department of the European Commission is also interested in dialogue with the Polish Ministry of Justice.”

The move to cap fees has faced strong opposition, led by a lobbying campaign that saw the UK Law Society join with top UK firms’ Polish offices.