Police Academy 8: nerd patrol

Not content with playing 'bad cop' in laying off legions of Shearman & Sterling associates, managing partner Robert Treuhold has taken a turn at hanging out with some genuine law enforcement agents. And being a man of substance, he didn't start at the bottom.
Last week, Treuhold was sworn in by Police Commissioner Ray Kelly as 'Commanding Officer for a Day' with the New York Police Department. Perhaps his moniker as the Shearmanator has gone to his head. Or maybe his experience of 'arresting' associate careers needed a new outlet.
Now that he has cleaned out his firm, it was time to clean up the streets. Treuhold was given a bullet-proof vest, assigned a precinct and rode around Harlem in a squad car. His TJ Hooker impression did not end there as Treuhold joined officers in a high-speed chase to assist an officer in distress, responded to a crack house apartment fire and helped break up a brawl. Sounds like a normal day at the office.