Plumber's hotel accident leads to writ for Trotts

A LONDON firm is being sued by a former client who claims it allowed a damages action to be automatically struck out.

Former plumber George Kersey says he hired Islington firm Trott & Gentry to pursue an action against Imperial London Hotels after an accident left him unable to work.

A writ issued at the High Court says that the firm began proceedings at Clerkenwell County Court and then failed to prevent them from being automatically struck out 15 months after the deemed closure of the pleadings in November 1993.

The writ, drawn up by neighbouring Islington firm Bolt Burdon, says Kersey would have won damages if the action had not been struck out. It adds the hotel company's costs were ordered against him while his own costs were wasted.

Kersey slipped and struck his head at the Royal National Hotel in London in April 1990 after he was called out to mend a leaking boiler, says the writ. He was not issued with a hard hat or appropriate footwear and denied assistance, it says.

Trott & Gentry declined to comment on the action.