Playwright stalks Theodores

Playwright Terence Frisby steps up his “campaign of torment” against Theodore Goddard this morning, when leaflets offering secretly delivered, discounted copies of his book Outrageous Fortune will be handed out to staff as they arrive at work.

Frisby, the author of hit play There's a Girl in my Soup, published the book last year, which tells of how it took 15 years to settle his divorce after Theodore Goddard made what he describes as “a monumental cock-up”. It has been his mission to torment the firm ever since.

Theodore Goddard refuses to comment on the playwright's campaign.

Frisby is offering the firm's staff a special offer of over 20 per cent off the cover price and a promise that the book will be delivered secretly “under plain cover”.

“It's all about sales of the book,” he quips. “I wouldn't dream of trying to irritate anyone at Theodore Goddard. I just want the staff to have a chance to read about how their firm treats clients.”

Asked what his next stunt will be, he says: “I think it's in the public interest that their staff should know how they litigate and the next people who deserve to know are their clients.”