Pinheads to avoid stripes

The Argyle Partnership, which – according to the press release at least – is one of the “UK's leading specialists in legal recruitment”, has jumped on the dress code bandwagon. Come on guys – don't you read the press? Even the Law Society has got there before you by some three weeks. Their advice, following the Law Society's much publicised report, is to stay clear of the pinstripe suit.
At the beginning of this month, the Law Society released a guidebook, which among other things advises solicitors not to wear pinstripes when appearing on TV if they want people to trust them.
Now, for Tulkinghorn at least, the fact that it is the Law Society telling people not to wear pinstripes already signals a need for caution before heeding such advice. Indeed, Tulkinghorn has been informed by his younger charges that a modern pinstripe is actually rather de rigeur and, in light of the negative press coverage recently, would hereby like to launch The Lawyer's 'Save the Pinstripe' Campaign.
Tulkinghorn himself has long been admiring a charcoal-grey suit with a subtle orange pinstripe – delectable. The campaign's message is simple: “Don't be afraid of the pinstripe.” Go on, wear them with pride.